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The Alex Cardinale Show: Thanksgiving Day 2017 Special
November 23, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Today is one of America's favorite days! It's Thanksgiving Day! A day where we get together to celebrate what we are thankful and grateful for. A day where we say thanks for the things we have. A day where we have a delicious turkey dinner and spend quality time with our family. With Thanksgiving being today, the holiday season has officially begun! This is the best time of the year!! Join Alex Cardinale today on Thanksgiving for a fun show!! Listen to this fun show while you cook and have fun cooking! I hope all of you my listeners have a great Thanksgiving!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR ~ MY THANKSGIVING MEMORIES ~ LAST MINUTE TURKEY AND COOKING TIPS ~ THANKSGIVING DINNER TIPS ~ AVERAGE THANKSGIVING DINNER TIME ~ NFL TURKEY DAY THANKSGIVING FOOTBALL CHAT ~ PLUS FUN TURKEY DAY AUDIO CLIPS! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your thanksgiving and turkey gobble gobble gobble. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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