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In the Oven W/ Chef Alex: Thanksgiving 2017 Desserts and Recipes
November 21, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Thanksgiving is just 2 days away! Can you believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday? I'm sure we all have the turkey and fixings ready to go for Thanksgiving, I'm sure we all know what we are making for dinner. Do you know what you are having for dessert on Thanksgiving? People often put a lot of attention into the turkey and side dishes, but forget about desserts! Don't be that kind of host! Dessert should get just as much attention. Are you scared of baking? Don't be! I, Chef Alex will give you some tips tricks and delicious Thanksgiving dessert recipes that will make your dessert time a big success. Today, I will talk to you about pies, and other Thanksgiving desserts. I will give you some tips on making awesome pies, and some tips for last minute people. Plus delicious recipes! This show is just as sweet as the desserts! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ TIPS FOR MAKING THE BEST HOMEMADE PIES ~ OTHER THANKSGIVING DESSERTS YOU CAN MAKE ~ ALL ABOUT CREAM PIES ~ TIPS FOR LAST MINUTE DESSERTS PLUS DELICIOUS RECIPES INCLUDING: ~ CHEF ALEX'S FAMOUS PUMPKIN WHOOPEE PIES ~ WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE ~ CHEF ALEX'S OREO CREAM PIE ~ REESE'S PIE ~ APPLE CRISP AND MORE!!!! IF YOU ENJOY THE SHOW, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! FEEL FREE TO USE ANY OF MY RECIPES!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! HAVE FUN WITH DESSERT! HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2017!!!!
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