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In the Ring w/ AC: WWE Superstar Biography The Undertaker
November 12, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
When you think of a pro wrestler or a WWE superstar you think of someone who has captivated all of the wrestling fans and fellow superstars. You think of someone who puts their body and all on the line just for us wrestling fans entertainment. There is ONE PHENOM in the WWE that does that and beyond!! There is a legend who has been around for over 20 years and still destroys his opponents. This Superstar is a deadman walking, he is a phenom, he is the legendary Undertaker! Undertaker has been with the WWE since 1989-1990 and has put together an awesome career with WWE. Between 21 consecutive Wrestlemania victories, multiple championship runs, and an incredible gimmick Undertaker has proven to be a one of a kind superstar. He is a surefire WWE Hall of Famer. Undertaker gets the spotlight on him as I will do a Biography on The Undertaker. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Information on the Undertaker ~ Undertaker's Wrestling Career ~ My Thoughts on the Undertaker ~ Undertaker Wrestlemania streak ~ Is UNDERTAKER done??? Enjoy the show and please feel free to share or leave a review!!
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