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Inside the Ring W/AC Special: WWE No Mercy 2017 After-Show!!!
September 29, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

It's time for the very first WWE Pay Per View After Show!!!! WWE fan Alex Cardinale after each PPV will bring to you an after-show where he will break down the PPV, discuss his thoughts on the PPV, see how many of his predictions were right, and recap Raw and Smackdown following the PPV. Today, I am recapping and reviewing WWE No Mercy 2017! Find out what I thought about WWE No Mercy 2017, what I would grade it, and more!!! Find out if my predictions earned a Top 10 WWE countdown show or a WWE Superstar biography. Hope you enjoyed No Mercy!!! Hope you will enjoy my WWE No Mercy Aftershow! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ How many predictions did I get right? ~ WWE No Mercy 2017 results ~My Thoughts on WWE No Mercy ~ How I would change No Mercy ~WWE Raw and SDL review following No Mercy ENJOY!

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