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Inside the Ring w/AC Special: SURPRISE Guest WPOV Ric Serrano III
September 25, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

Hey, WWE wrestling fans and all wrestling fans in general, Inside the Ring has a very special guest on the show today! OUR VERY FIRST WRESTLING GUEST, I am very excited to have this guest interview. I have a very passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and fun first WWE wrestling guest. Our guest today is Wrestling POV podcast host Ric Serrano the Third. It is my pleasure to have Ric on the show and our first wrestling guest. I am honored to have him on the show!!! Join Ric and Alex for a fun wrestling action packed show including the following: How he got into wrestling Favorite Superstars Favorite matches of all time WWE Bringing Back Starrcade?! Wrestlemania dream matches No Mercy Reactions AND MORE!!! Enjoy the show! Enter our contest! Submit your WWE No Mercy 2017 thoughts and recap to and hit record! Wrestling Point of View Podcast: For the Links, simply copy and paste into your search bar

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