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Inside the Ring w/AC Special: WWE No Mercy 2017 PRE-SHOW!
September 24, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

WWE fans and WWE Universe, welcome to my 2nd WWE PPV pre-show!!! Today, I will be previewing WWE No Mercy 2017, a RAW brand exclusive coming to you from the Staples Center in LA on WWE Network. 2 HUGE Wrestlemania worthy dream main events take place as superstars show NO MERCY! WWE No Mercy is a RAW show, so only Raw superstars appear. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WWE MANIA GIVEAWAY ~ MY FAVORITE NO MERCY MATCHES ~ NO MERCY MATCH CARD ~ MY PREDICTIONS ~ AND MORE!!! PLUS HEAR THE FIRST ENTRY INTO OUR CONTEST! ENTER THE CONTEST, SEND YOUR WWE NO MERCY 2017 REVIEWS AND THOUGHTS AND RECAPS TO and hit SEND!!! YOU WILL BE ENTERED, GOOD LUCK! Enjoy the show!

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