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AC Network News and Announcements September to November
September 20, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

From time to time here on AC Network, I will have some news and announcements to make for this podcast, AC Network. I often times, have some news and announcements that I like to share with my audience so that they can stay in the loop and know what is going on and get just as excited as I am about the shows coming up! Today, I have some news that will impact September through November for AC Network. Find out about what AC Network will be doing for Halloween and Thanksgiving, what's on tap for the end of the year, and find out what's planned for the very first Christmas/New Year's season and the very first AC Network Awards for the end of the year!! Plus, hear some songs from Up and Coming Musicians : Lukcan, Alex Magrath, and Brave You Don't forget to enter our contests!!! WWE Mania contest, Cooks Challenge contest, and fish keeper's Q and A. If you have any cooking, baking, wwe questions or comments please go to:

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