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Exotic Aquatics Special: Top 15 Favorite Fish and Aqua Alex's Background
September 15, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

On this episode of Exotic Aquatics with Aqua Alex, it's time to have some fish keeping fun!!! Let's find out about the hobbyist himself, Aqua Alex Cardinale. What kind of fish does Aqua Alex like? How did Aqua Alex enter the aquarium hobby? I will answer all of those questions and more on this FISHY FUN weekend show!! DO NOT MISS THE NEVER BEFORE MENTIONED OR TALKED ABOUT STORY/SPEECH FROM AQUA ALEX!!!! FIND OUT ABOUT THIS FISH KEEPING STORY FOR THE FIRST TIME. I want you all to sit back in your fish room, drink some beer or soda or wine or vodka, and listen and enjoy this show!!! Planned for the show: ~ How I entered in the Aquarium hobby and my Aquarium Hobby Background ~ never before aired story ~ Why I love Silver dollar fish ~ My Top 15 favorite fish AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to SUBMIT your fish keeping questions for this month's Fish Keeper Q AND A! Don't forget to answer my questions: favorite fish, how you go into hobby, and favorite fish store Just go to

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