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ITR WWE TOP 10: Special Top 12 Superstar Entrance Music
September 05, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

It's time for our 2nd edition of WWE Top 10!!! Today, I have a very special edition of Top 10 countdown for WWE fans! BUT IT'S NOT TOP 10 THIS TIME!!! It's Top 12! YES, THAT'S RIGHT TOP 12! A dozen of my favorite WWE superstars Entry Music. WWE superstars have to walk out to the ring right?? But, what if they walked out with no music to the hype that they are going to kick ass? It would be boring right??! WWE Entrances are one of my favorite things about WWE, they produce some of the best entrance music you will ever hear!!!! So, WWE Fans, I want you to sit back relax and listen to my TOP 12 favorite WWE Superstar entrance music and A BONUS 5 HONORABLE MENTIONS!!! 18 WWE ENTRANCE THEMES!!! ALL FOR YOU. You'll hear songs from DX to Mr Mcmahon, Edge, Shane O Mac, Big Show, and MORE!!! Enjoy! Enter the WWE Ultimate Mania Give Away! NOW!! Go to AC Network and discuss your favorite WWE Superstar music!!! Hit the record button tell me about your favorite superstar entrance music, tell me your name hit the stop recording and send button. I will get your message and you'll be entered in. www,

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