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AC Network & Blossom City Radio Music Throw-down September 2017
September 03, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

Alex Cardinale and Jeremy Stellhorn appreciate people who have talent. Especially those who have the talent of being able to captivate people with their voice. AC Network and Blossom City Radio partner up along with the help of promoters such as Doug Deutsch to promote some awesome music from some awesome up and coming music artists!! Every month here on AC Network we will be playing some awesome music from this up and coming musicians! Are you ready for some music?! SykWard Oneday Brauninger BRAVE YOU CAROLINE BLUE ALEX MAGRATHA SYSTEM SLAVE DAVID GARFIELD DIANNE REIN SAM PICKETT unko D.O.E September 2017 Playlist Skyward 1.Season 2. Angel Soft 3. Freak in the Night One Day: 4.PERILOUS 5.BETTER THAN HERE BRAUNINGER: 6.LET'S GET OUR KINKS WORKED OUT Brave You: 7. NORTH AVE 8. CAVELIER ALEX MAGRATH: 9. SUPERPOWER 10. THE BALLAD SYSTEM SLAVE IS : 11. LETTING GO 12. BEAST OF ME Doug Deutsch Client Songs: DAVID GARFIELD 13. Go Home DIANA REIN 14. DONE ME DIRTY 15. Livin' Loud Unkdoe 16. track money power Sam Pickett 17. - papya cloud Enjoy and thanks for your support by listening!

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