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Exotic Aquatics :Freshwater and Saltwater Fish for your Aquarium
September 02, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

This is the last episode of the ''BEGINNER'' fish keeping series here on Exotic Aquatics with Aqua Alex. On our last episode of Exotic Aquatics, I had a very important topic and it was freshwater vs saltwater. I discussed the different aquarium set ups like freshwater community, planted tanks, biotopes to reef tanks and how to succeed in freshwater and saltwater hobby.You will need to listen to the last episode to learn about the different aquarium setups because those setups will be the topic for today, except we are adding fish to them!! Copy and Paste this link to listen to the last episode of Exotic Aquatics: On today's episode, we are going to take those aquarium set-ups we mentioned on the last episode and stock them with fish!! I will discuss the kinds of fish that can live in each aquarium set-up. Find out which fish I recommend for each set-up and hear about my personal examples of fish I'd keep in the setup. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: INFORMATION ON FISH FOR EACH SET-UP PLUS FISH CHAT..... THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING FISH, BIGGER FISH TANK CHAT, AND MORE!!!! Ask a fish keeping question and have it answered on September 25th! Go to, all questions must be submitted by Seotember 23rd,

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