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In the Oven W/ Chef Alex: A Hour of DELICIOUS Cookie Chat!
August 31, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

It's time for our first actual baking topic on On the Stove! Our last episode was an intro to our baking show and information on baking! At the 35 min mark, HEAR A MAJOR EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Our first actual baking topic is going to be about one of my favorite baked goods, Cookies!!! Cookies are very easy to make yet so delicious! Kiss good bye to the grocery store's bakery cookies or the nasty chemical loaded refridgerator cookie dough at your grocery store good bye because once you realize how easy it is to make delicious cookies at home you won't need them. Cookies are not hard to make and anyone can make homemade cookies, I promise you. You don't have to be the best cook or baker in the world, just follow the recipe exactly as written and it will turn out good. Cookies are easy to make and will be easily eaten by you or your family. They won't be around long! Trust me, I'm the cookie Monster. I've made homemade cookies and eaten many of the batches. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: MANY DELICIOUS COOKIE RECIPES (OVER 10 OF THEM)! AND COOKIE INFORMATION! Enjoy the show and have some cookies today!

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