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On the Stove w/Chef Alex: JR Watkins Consultant Jeremy Stellhorn
August 29, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

It's time for our first guest ever on our cooking show On the Stove with Chef Alex!! It is always fun to chat about food, cooking and baking with fellow food lovers, food tasters, restaurant reviewers, and chefs. I am proud to present to my audience MY VERY FIRST guest on On the Stove and In the Oven our cooking and baking show here on AC Network. J.R. Watkins is an American company that has been making quality products since 1831. They have an awesome reputation for providing great products. They have an awesome line of gourmet spices, seasonings, extracts, and other cooking products as well as hand soaps and other home and health care products. Jeremy Stellhorn is a JR Watkins Consultant from Red Bud Illinois!! He is here as our honorary guest. Jeremy tells us about the food products that JR Watkins has and everything you need to know! Hear from the consultant himself and become a JR Watkins customer and fan! Don't miss the 3 awesome recipes!! Monster cookies, Fried Chicken, and Red Velvet Whoopee Pies all featuring JR Watkins products. Links Mentioned On AIR: (COPY AND PASTE THEM IN YOUR BROWSER) GO HERE TO ORDER FROM JEREMY STELLHORN AND SUPPORT LOCAL USA BUSINESS: Thank you and enjoy the show! Music is presented by Blossom City Radio. Song during intermission is Perilous by One Day!

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