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AC Network Says THANK YOU for 1,000 LISTENS!!!!!!!!
August 25, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

Woke up this morning to find that AC Network has reached 1,000 total listens! This show started on July 1st, so within the first 2 months, we have gotten 1,000 listens! That is friggin' awesome! I am very excited, proud, and honored to have reached 1,000 listens so quickly. From the bottom of my heart to all of you, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY SHOWS!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR LISTEN! IT HELPS MAKE MY SHOW WHAT IT IS TODAY!!!!!! To see how quickly this show is growing in its first 2 months makes me proud as a podcaster and makes my decision of leaving BlogTalkRadio a great one as I have formed a bond with all of my audience out there!!! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR THE 1,000 LISTENS!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO BRING YOU SOME MORE KICK ASS SHOWS! To give back to Community, Blossom City Radio and AC Network have teamed up to give some love and support to an awesome rapper with some awesome music. Hear some songs from Rapper Syk Ward... you will love these songs. Check out BCR here (copy and paste link below):

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