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AC Network Presents: Blossom City Radio Music Hour
August 20, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

I, Alex Cardinale proudly present to you Blossom City Radio Music Hour because I am on vacation for the next few days! Plus, this is a great way for you to get know Jeremy Stellhorn's podcast Blossom City Radio!! Please check out his show and enjoy! Have a nice Monday and Tuesday! Cover Photo by Danyele Mercer. 1. Patience by Paradise Kings. 2. Crossroads by Of Wolves and Whisky. 3. Rodeo by Annette Conlon 4. Under my Skin by Ellee Ven 5. Down Down Down by Diana Rein. 6. Great Divide by Jeffrey Halford. 7. Ashes and Dust by Mitch Hayes. 8. Warning Label by Elizabeth Moll. 9. Something to forget me by by Charolette street. 10. Pick me up by Rhonda McCullough. Special thanks to Doug Deutsch publicity services. brought to you by aquatic treasures and Jeremy Stellhorn Jr Watkins consultant.

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