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Alex Cardinale Show Special Guest: Poet and Courageous Amputee Cason Bolton
August 11, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

I am excited to present to AC-Alex Cardinale Network my talk show where I am going to talk about other topics that are not covered by our premium shows here on AC Network. These topics can and will include movie reviews, current events, sports, rant, and raves, health speeches, and other shows including Controversial shows! It is an honor and a privilege to provide a show for everyone as I promise there will be something for everyone on Alex Cardinale Show! Today, on our very special debut episode of Alex Cardinale Show, I have a special guest!! That's right a special guest on the first episode!!! Our guest today is a very strong, courageous, brave, and controversial man who has overcome so many adversities. Our guest is a great personal friend of mine and we have worked together in the past on podcasts. Our guest today is Cason Bolton!! In 2008, Cason suffered a tragic accident that left him with an amputee. Cason has overcome and defeated this tragedy and now lives his life to the fullest. How did Cason overcome this adversity? Cason is also a poet and he loves controversy! PLANNED FOR DISCUSSION ON THIS SHOW: ~ Cason's tragedy ~ How did Cason overcome his adversity and his tips for others ~ Cason discusses Poetry and why he loves it ~ AND MORE including controversy! Enjoy the show!!! Thanks for listening!!! Please share this show with your friends on social media if you enjoyed it.

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