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On the Case with Alex Cardinale: Halloween 2001 Pranking Death by Dragging
July 23, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

Our first crime case is a case that took place Halloween night in 2001, (October 31, 2001). Robert Campbell who had come outside to confront Richard Day and his son for egging Robert's house. It leads to a verbal fight until Robert went to the driver's side of the truck and attempted to open the door. Richard Day sped off not realizing he had hit Robert and the velocity of his speed meant that Robert did not have a chance to move out of the way, he got stuck under the car and was dragged along the truck a big distance all the way down the street when he was then tossed into a neighbor's yard when the truck came to a stop. Robert suffered internal injuries and later passed away. Richard Day and his son Walter, had been provoked and pushed over the edge. Robert Campbell's nephews constantly bullied and pranked Richard and his son. It would get to the point of being out of hand with verbal fights and even once a confrontation between Richard and the boys. Between the constant bullying and harassment, one of the nephews broke into Richard's house and stole Walter's bike. This is what spiked the Day's off. On Halloween night 2001, Richard and Walter return home from Trick or Treating to find their house had been trashed and egged by Rob Campbell's nephew. This was the climax that led to Richard and Walter go into an angry fury that leads to the ultimate demise of a guy who played peacemaker. Find out more about this case as I break it down on this show. The lesson I want you to take away from this case is that bullying can have lethal consequences and could result in the death of someone you love, do NOT be a bully!

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