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Exotic Aquatics with Aqua Alex: Let's Chat Pacus with Big J Aquatics
July 18, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

One of the true monster freshwater fish available to fish keepers is the Red Belly and Black Pacu!! Many non-educated people call pacu, a piranha. The pacu is related to the piranha, it is in the same family which is Serrasalmidae. The big difference between pacu and piranha is that pacus get much much larger than Piranha, have different shaped teeth they have human like teeth, and are vegans who eat nuts, and fruit in the wild. They are also quite docile and peaceful and can be kept with other fish unlike piranha. They can grow up to 2' and sometimes even more!!! Jason Ganey from Big J Aquatics is a pacu fanatic and he is our special guest today to discuss his love of pacu! Find out why Jason loves pacus, how he got into pacus, and more! Check out Jason on youtube BIG J Aquatics (Copy and Paste this link to see and subscribe his channel):

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