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Exotic Aquatics Special: Jeremy Stellhorn's Little Egypt Aquarium Club Swap
July 14, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

I am very excited to present to you my very first guest here on AC (Alex Cardinale) Network and Exotic Tropical Fish with Aqua Alex. Our first guest is a fish keeper who has taken the aquarium hobby in Illinois by the balls and has taken into a whole new exciting level. Our guest is Jeremy Stellhorn from Red Bud Illionis. He has created a group on Facebook called Little Egypt Aquarium Club on Facebook where he invites members of the aquarium hobby in Illinois and all over the world to chat about tropical fish in a no drama fish keeping lovers group! Go check it out and join right now! Jeremy has created an aquarium club for his area and state Illonis. On July 16th, 2017 Jeremy will be hosting a BIG Aquarium Club meeting. It will be packed with many different things for every fish keeper. There will be Fancy plecos, freshwater stingrays, guppies and other live fish, driftwood caves and supplies and more!!!!! Find out about the BIG swap as Jeremy explains it to us. Little Egypt Aquarium Club Fish Swap Sunday July 16, 2017 1-6 PM Located: In the Garden Room of SW Illinois College 2500 Carlyle AVE Belleville Illinois What will be there: Zebra Plecos Super Red Bristlenose Plecos Driftwood Caves and Supplies AND SO MUCH MORE! Free tables for vendors, while space is available. New Member sign-up the day at the swap. EVERYONE WELCOME! Even people in states near IL For more info or to reserve a table Contact Jeremy Stellhorn at 618-910-9205

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