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On the Stove with Chef Alex Introduction on AC Network
July 10, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

24 year old Alex Cardinale LOVES cooking and baking! At the age of 12, he began cooking in the kitchen. The very first meal he ever cooked was one of his favorite meals of all time Chicken Parmesan. Fast forward another 12 years, Alex is still cooking and baking like a pro! Alex calls himself a chef because he did 5 years of Culinary school and graduated with a certificate. His one goal is to discuss and share his love of cooking and baking with other people and get them in the kitchen! Alex will share his recipes for you to try in your kitchen. Welcome to On the Stove with Chef Alex!!! Where it's time to get cooking and baking! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: PLANNED FOR ON THE STOVE ABOUT CHEF ALEX RECIPES

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