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Exotic Aquatics with Aqua Alex DEBUT!!
July 06, 2017 Alexander Cardinale

Do you have a love for aquariums or tropical fish? Do you want a piece of the river or ocean in your home? Do you want a piece of natural art in your home? Great, then the fish keeping hobby is for you. Fish are pets that are very simple to take care of. Exotic Tropical Fish with Aqua Alex will be an aquarium keeping podcast here on Buzzsprout hosted by a 24 year old fish keeper with a lot of passion and love for the aquarium hobby . Aqua Alex will share a lot of his fish keeping experience and learned knowledge with you so that you can become a good fish keeper. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ WHAT IS IN STORE FOR EXOTIC TROPICAL FISH WITH AQUA ALEX??? ~ INFORMATION ON AQUA ALEX ~ TROPICAL FISH CHAT AND MORE! Little Egypt Aquarium Club:

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