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AC (Alex Cardinale) Network Alexander Cardinale
This is the A.C. (Alex Cardinale) Network! This is a network podcast where I, Alex Cardinale do shows on topics that I am extremely passionate about. I have a show for just about everyone! I have a tropical fish keeping/aquarium show for those who love tropical fish and wet pets, a cooking and baking show for those who love food, a crime show for all the detectives, a WWE wrestling show for the WWE fans, and a talk show that features any topics at any times! Our flagship shows are as follows: Exotic Aquatics Inside the Ring On the Stove and In the Oven On the Case with AC The Alex Cardinale Show My shows are done with the listeners in mind! Everything I do is for my listeners! If you are new to the show, feel free to browse around and listen to the shows! Thanks for looking and enjoy the show! ON MAY 15TH, AC NETWORK TRANSFORMS INTO THE AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST WITH A FOCUS ON AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AND TROPICAL FISH! THE ONLY NON FISH KEEPING SHOWS TO STAY ARE INSIDE THE RING, ON THE CASE, AND OCCASIONAL ALEX CARDINALE SHOWS WITH GUESTS.