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AC (Alex Cardinale) Network Alexander Cardinale
Welcome to AC (Alex Cardinale) Network. This is a network of podcasts hosted by me Alex Cardinale. I bring 4 years of previous podcast experience from Blog Talk Radio to Buzz Sprout. I have decided to switch over to Buzz sprout so that I can work a flexible schedule and upload shows weekly with out having to work so hard. Plus, I get to own my show and put out quality shows with out worries of technical issues. Cooking and Baking lovers, your taste buds will jump for joy as I put my chef coat on and teach you how to cook and bake. Delicious recipes and tips! Tropical Fish Keepers, you will enjoy a aquarium themed podcast where I will chat tropical fish that we all love. Crime show lovers, you will learn about some of the famous crimes in the USA WWE Fans you can expect wrestling shows Plus Music and Occasional talk shows. Enjoy and thanks so much for being a fan!